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3 Tips for Becoming a Retirement Expert

By: Madison Taylor, Bucket Bliss A few months ago on the Bucket Bliss blog, Stephen Swensen, an advisor at Summit Capital wrote an article titled “You Can’t Be All Things to All People.” In it, he said that if you want to be a successful advisor, it’s important to become a subject matter expert instead […]

Why Bucket Strategies are the Best Way to Plan For Retirement

By: Madison Taylor, Bucket Bliss Are you able to prepare for successful account reviews in just 15 minutes? Are your account reviews smooth and productive? When your clients leave your office, do they have crystal clear understanding of the strategy used to plan and implement their retirement income? If not, it may be time to […]

The Bucket Bliss Podcast Episode 6: A Bucket Bliss Case Study

Are your clients getting anxious in light of the recent presidential elections and with the market continually hitting unprecedented highs? Are you unsure about how to handle all the questions and keep your clients confident in their investments? In today’s episode of The Bucket Bliss Podcast, Bucket Bliss CEO and Founder Stephen Swensen gives a […]

How Rich People Lose Their Money

During the course of my career, I have talked to many people who are professionally (hence financially) successful who think that because they knew how to succeed in business that they know how to handle their own money, how to invest, or, at least, who is a good advisor. The problem I see again and […]

3 Tips For Nailing Your Next Prospect Pitch

By: Madison Taylor, Bucket Bliss One of the hardest parts of business is getting more of it. With thousands of capable financial advisors out there, getting a client who knows nothing about your experience in the industry and your qualifications to choose you can be quite the battle. All you have is one opportunity to […]

The Bucket Bliss Podcast Episode 5: The Bliss Index

Bucket Bliss CEO Stephen Swensen recently presented at the T3 Enterprise conference where he talked about the newest update to the Bucket Bliss Advisor software: the Bucket Bliss Index. The Bucket Bliss Index is the next big thing in retirement income planning. Advisors can make any retirement plan look good on paper, but that doesn’t […]

3 Common Cons of Bucketing and How to Turn Them Into Pros

By: Madison Taylor, Bucket Bliss The Bucket Bliss software uses bucket strategies to help ensure that your client has enough money to last them through retirement. Because of that, we are pretty big advocates for bucketing, but like every other method out there, it has some cons. While I acknowledge that there are potentially more […]

You Can’t Be All Things to All People

When I started out in the business, I wanted to be all things to all people. If a client wanted mutual funds, I was the mutual fund guy. If a client wanted life insurance, I was the life insurance guy. If he wanted health insurance, I was the health insurance guy. I had no interest […]

Empowering the Baby Boomer: Acclimating Older Clients to Financial Technology

By: Madison Taylor Baby boomers were born in a much simpler time. Their telephones did not have touch screens or apps that allowed them to plan their retirement income. But with cutting-edge financial technology on the rise, there has never been a better time to be the most effective advisor for your clients through the use […]